salix lanata

Woolly Willow. A compact rounded shrub with dull, dark green leaves covered with silvery grey wool. Produces golden yellow or grey-yellow catkins in late spring, with the leaves. 

salix lapponum

Downy Willow. Dwarf Shrub with attractive grey-green leaves and silky catkins in spring. Lightly trim in spring to keep neat.Salix lapponum is a low, much branched shrub (to 1.5 metres) having a wide distribution in Northern Europe, eastwards to the Altai and western Siberia, and is found as far south as the Pyrenees and Bulgaria. In Scotland it can be found on rocky mountain slopes and cliffs, generally at altitudes between 200 and 900 metres.

salix tortuosa

Corkscrew Willow. An upright tree with twisted branches and twisted bright green leaves. Produces yellow-green catkins in spring. 

salix wehrhahnii

Willow. An upright shrub with dark purple stems and bright green leaves. Produces silvery grey catkins in spring, before the leaves.