hydrangea petiolaris

Climbing Hydrangea. A climbing shrub with dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn and domed clusters of white flowers in summer. 

hydrangea pan grandiflora

An upright to spreading shrub with mid to dark green leaves and large white flowerheads turning pinkish white with age from late summer to autumn. Prefers light shade on a soil high in organic material. Fast Growing 

hydrangea paniculata limelight

The recent RHS trial proved that many of the varieties of Hydrangea paniculata are superb garden plants and ‘Limelight’ is one of the best. 'Distinct and outstanding, stunning lime-green flowers' was the overall verdict. This tough, rather upright variety flowers from mid July to early October, the lime green flowers becoming darker with age and finally to develop pinkish tints. Prune back to four buds in March for the best display. 

Hydrangea bluebird

An erect shrub with mid green leaves turning red in autumn. Lacecap flowerheads of rich blue, surrounded by pale blue flowers from summer to autumn. Fast Growing