Herbaceous in June module

Planting out Summer Bedding and organising pots and hanging baskets should now be well underway here on Skye. The risk of frost has passed and, if you haven't already done so, get your bedding plants into the garden.

Early in the month, there is plenty of choice at the Garden centre, and if required, we can plant up your pots and baskets for you.
If you have shrubs that have now flowered, now is the time to prune them to enable them to get new growth ready for next years flowers.
With the warmer temperatures, be aware of the watering requirements for those plants, newly planted in the garden. Hanging baskets and pouches in particular, need watering on a daily basis.
They will also require feeding with plant food, as will all your vegetable plants. Tomatoes, in particular are greedy plants and need plenty of liquid Tomato food (eg Tomorite ) to get the maximum yield of Tomatoes.
(Don't forget that the side shoots on Tomato plants need pinching out).
In the flower borders, hoe regularly to keep down the weeds, but also get stakes and other plant supports positioned to support the taller herbaceous plants.