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Our Rhododendrons and Azaleas are supplied by Osberton Nurseries. We stock up for the year at the start of March and top up with additional varieties in mid April. Usually all our stock is sold out by mid May so if there is a particular variety that you would like.....get it in good time!  Please note, we are now out of stock of Rhododendrons until next Spring (March 2020).

Rhododendrons and Azaleas 


Rhododendrons are always evergreen. They grow best here on Skye in partial shade and an acidic, well drained soil with lots of organic matter. Prune Rhododendrons immediatly after flowering. Don't be afraid to chop it back, if required.

Yakushimanum Rhododendrons 

DopeyYak Rhododendrons (availability)

Compact, evergreen rhododendron. They tend to flower in May and are usually very tough. They are ideal for the front of borders or pots.They grow to about 1 metre high.

All are 3 litre pots and are priced at £18.95 each.

Larger Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons

Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons (availability)

These will grow to 2 metres or eventually even larger. They all grow well upm here on Skye and usually will do well even in our exposed places

All are in 7.5 Litre pots and are priced at £25.95 each.

Dwarf Rhododendrons 

Dwarf Rhododendrons (availability)

These are the smallest of the Rhododendrons and are ideal for the rockery or pots. Probably best to grow them in groups of three or four plants. On Skye, grow them in plenty of light but preferably sheltered from our strongest winds.

Dwarf Rhododendrons are the earliest Rhododendrons to flower.  

All are in 3 litre pots and are priced at £14.45 each.


LuteumCan be evergreen or deciduous. In general, the deciduous azaleas will be tougher and prefer full sun/partial shade. Evergreen azaleas do better in partial shade with some protection from the really strong winds that we get here on Skye. Evergreen Azaleas rarely require pruning, but can be shaped immediatly after flowering, if required. Prune deciduous varieties if they become 'leggy'. Most deciduous azaleas are hybrids, native to many parts of North America. Most Evergreen azaleas are originally from China, Japan and Korea.

Deciduous Azaleas 

Deciduous Azaleas   (availability)

All are in 5 litre pots and are priced at £18.95 each.

Evergreen Azaleas 

Evergreen Azaleas   (availability)

All are in 3 litre pots and are priced at £11.95 each.

The flowers on evergreen azaleas vary from small to mid-sized and to larger. The smaller ones have a more traditional Oriental look while the larger ones are more modern and dramatic. All evergreen azaleas are great for pots.