Grow these in a poly tunnel here on Skye

Shown below is a sample of what is currently available in our poly tunnel at the Garden Centre. On Skye, these plants are really only suitable for growing on in a poly tunnel or greenhouse. They will not thrive if grown outdoors.


Best grown in a poly tunnel in this part of the world. Versatile and easy to grow plants which will continue to produce abundantly if kept picked regularly. 

We stock Courgette Green Bush and/or Courgette F1 Yellow. 

cucumberYou can grow cucumbers in the ground, pots or in growing bags......but do it in a poly tunnel up here on Skye.  Home-grown cucumbers taste fabulous. We only stock 'Female only' cucumbers. We have 'full sized' ones and also 'Petita' which gives high yields of half-size cucumbers. It's tolerant of lower temperatures than other varieties, making it ideal for growing up here

hot chilliChillies contain a chemical called capsaicin that stimulates the nerve endings in your mucous membranes; that's what makes the hot taste you feel when you bite into one. The variety, the maturity of the plant and the local growing conditions determine how hot your chillies will be. We typically stock one or more of 'Apache' , 'Cheyenne' or  'Pot Black', 

sweet pepper

Sweet peppers are so versatile in cooking. They can be used raw in salads and cooked in stir-fries and casseroles. Peppers will grow well in a poly tunnel or a window sill in pots.

We normally stock Beauty Bell and/or Redskin plants

orange cherry tomato'Sun Gold' is the classic orange tomato for the cherry tomato enthusiast because it offers both remarkable sweet, tangy, delicious tomato flavour. The golden-orange fruits are borne on long trusses, and taste best when growing conditions are slightly dry.

We normally stock Sun Gold and/or Little Sun

red cherry tomatoThese are the smallest and sweetest tomatoes and grow well here on Skye in poly tunnels. They are the first tomato to ripen.Good in salades, eating or roasting whole. We have one or more of the following varieties in stock -

Rosada, Gardeners Delight, Tumbling Tom

Supersweet 100, Cherrola. 

Tomato ShirleyGood 'All Round' tomatoes for the kitchen, medium sized and versatile. We have one or more of the following varieties in stock -

Ailsa Craig, Alicante, Moneymaker or Shirley.