Featured Vegetable Packs

Shown below is a sample of vegetable packs that are currently available at the Garden Centre. 

Broccoli Purple SproutingBroccoli is delicious raw in salads and with dips. To cook, gently boil or steam. Pick the stems from the plants frequentl over a long period.

Broccoli Summer PurpleExcellent colour and well formed spear. Plant April - July. Crops in the Summer from late June to October.

brussels sprouts maximusWe normally stock Brussel Sprouts Maximus but may have other varieties depending on availability.

Cabbage Early PointedThe tradidional Spring Greens and Pointed Cabbage.We normally stock  'F1 Early Pointed' but may have other varieties depending on availability.

Cabbage StoneheadWe normally stock 'Stonehead' , a very compact variety with round medium green heads. Resistant to splitting. Late mid season maturity. As an alternative, we have 'Greyhound', a pointed cabbage. 

cabbage marabelCabbage Marabel is an improvement on January King which combines vigour and the characteristic red tinged heads, which are always solid, dense and heavy. Marabel has a similar flavour to January King (which we also may have in stock). Depending on planting, begin to harvest from November onwards.

Cabbage RedEasy to grow. Produces high yields of deep, dark red coloured heads.

cabbage savoy wirosaSow /Plant out in April through to July here on Skye. Harvest Late Autumn - Winter.

cauliflower amazingPlant out in April and May. We normally stock Cauliflower 'Amazing' or 'All the Year Round'. You can choose to harvest cauliflower 'Amazing' at small ‘baby head’ size or as full heads. A good, weather tolerant cauliflower.

kale darkiborDarkibor produces many dark-green, tightly curled leaves for picking throughout late autumn and winter. Very winter hardy. Plant out in April - May.

kale redborVery winter hardy. Plant out in April - May. Harvest in the Autumn and Winter.

leek zermattSow /Plant out in April. Harvest starting in the Autumn.