Ornamental Trees

We stock a selection of Ornamental trees in 12 litre pots. These are all supplied to us from Frank Matthews . We get stock in March and again in September. The trees shown below are just an example of what we would expect to have at the Garden Centre as each year we add others to our selection. 


betula pendula

We normally have various varieties of ornamental birch.

These may include -

Betula alba pendula, also known as the Common Silver Birch or The ‘Lady of the Woods’ is a graceful slender tree which carries all year round interest.

Betula utilis 'Jacquemontii', also known as The Himalayan White Birch, is a popular distinctive form of the ‘white’ birch. The ascending branches form a spreading head.

Betula albosinensis 'Kansu' also known as Chinese Red Barked Birch, is a one of the best forms of albosinensis species with good strong growth.




crataegus pauls scarlet

We normally have various varieties of ornamental hawthorn.

These may include -

Paul's Scarlet' is a small, rounded deciduous thorny tree with lobed, glossy green leaves turning yellow and bronze in autumn. Produces masses of deep scarlet-pink, double flowers in May and attractive small red haws in the autumn.

Crimson Cloud, a hybrid between 'Charles X' and 'Paul's Scarlet' creates a dense, spreading tree with glossy, dark green foliage. Profuse small single, crimson flowers with creamy centres appear during May, the lightly scented blossom is very popular with bees & butterflies.

Rosea Flore Pleno or Midland Hawthorn. A rounded thorny tree with glossy mid-green leaves. Clusters of double pink flowers, followed by red or orange-red fruit. 


malus butterball

We normally have various varieties of Crab Apple.

These may include -

Butterball. Heavily laden branches glowing with butter coloured fruit each autumn make this a stunning tree.The apple blossom flowers in spring add to its charm and the fruit are ideal for making crab apple jelly. 

Pink Glow is a popular early-flowering crab-apple, the profuse white blossom appears quite early in the spring, and it is a good pollinator of early-flowering apple varieties. It is named after the large deep pink crab-apples, which form in late summer. This is also a good variety for making crab-apple jelly - the fruitlets are easy to handle and have a good pectin content.


prunus okame

We normally have various varieties of ornamental cherry.

These may include -

Prunus Okame. A spreading tree or shrub with pretty cup-shaped carmine-pink flowers in early spring before the leaves. Good autumn colour.

Prunus Tai-haku. A spreading tree with bronze leaves when young. Pretty bowl-shaped, white flowers in mid-spring.  


sorbus chinese lace

We normally have various varieties of ornamental rowan.

These may include -

Chinese Lace, a small, upright tree with deeply cut and divided green leaves giving a charming lace-like effect especially in Autumn when they turn red-purple. Heads of white June flowers turn to dense bunches of dark red Autumn fruits. 

Sorbus scalaris, a narrow tree with divided dark green leaves, turning red and purple in autumn. Clusters of white flowers in late spring are followed by red berries.