Available Fruit Trees

We stock up with fruit trees in March and September. An indication of current availability at the Garden Centre is shown below. The trees are all available in 12 litre pots. Fruit trees are  £39.95 each except where shown on the individual descriptions.

Apple Bramley 200

A culinary apple that is vigorous and partially tip bearing. It can grow to 2.5-8m in height and width, depending on the rootstock. Pale pink flowers are followed by fruit that can be used from November to February. Bramley Seedling is a 'Triploid'  for polination. This means it has sterile pollen and needs two other cultivars for good pollination; therefore, always grow at least two other non triploid cultivars with each Brambley, 

Apple Charles Ross200

£43.45 each for a 'Patio Pot' tree

'Charles Ross' is a dual purpose cultivar. It is partly self-fertile but crops better with a pollination partner. The flowers are pure white, and the large, conical fruit are sweet, juicy, firm and lightly aromatic. The skin colour is greenish-yellow flushed and striped with red, with some russetting. Season of use September to December

Cox Se;f Fertile

Cox Self Fertile is a self fertile form of Cox’s Orange Pippin. Heavy, late crop of the best eating apple in the world. The fruit is orange over greenish-yellow with deep cream flesh that has sweet, aromatic flavour and is juicy and crisp.

Apple Discovery 200

A mid-season desert apple with a fine textured juicy, fairly sweet with a pleasant flavour. 'Discovery' has a fairly compact habit. It can grow to 2.5-8m in height and width, depending on the rootstock. White flowers are followed by fruit that can be used from August to September

Apple Fiesta200

A mid-season desert apple with a crisp, sweet juicy, cox-like flavour. Heavy cropper. Flower colour Pink.  Followed by fruit that can be used from November to February

Apple Greensleeves 200

'Greensleeves' is a dessert cultivar. It is a very precocious cultivar with heavy, regular crops of pale green, turning pale yellow, skinned apples with a crisp flesh that becomes sweeter. Suitable for container cultivation. The blossom has some frost resistance and fruit needs thinning to become a good size. It has a short season of use from late September to October; once picked the flavour can deteriorate in storage

Apple James Grieve200

'James Grieve' is a culinary or dessert cultivar. It is very suitable for northerly, colder rainfall areas and does well up here on Skye. Good, regular crops of apples, yellow-green speckled and striped orange-red, but can easily bruise. Savoury, crisp to melting flesh; when cooked keeps shape, with juicy, delicate flavour. Season of use is from September to October.

Apple Scrumptious 200

'Scrumptious' is a self-fertile, dessert cultivar. The flowers are pale pink, and the red fruit have a complex, fragrant, honeyed flavour. Season of use September to October

Cherry Stella

£46.95 each for a tree in a 11.5 Litre patio pot

Stella was the first self fertile sweet cherry to appear that set a standard for modern high yielding varieties, for garden and orchard. Produces a heavy crop of large, dark red fruits which are sweet and juicy to taste.

Cherry Sweetheart

£48.95 each for a tree in a 11.5 Litre patio pot

Sweetheart is one of the later picking varieties but well worth the wait as fewer cherries available in the shops at this time. Fruits are very precocious, firm with good sweet flavour. Dark red in colour. Ripens unevenly to spread the season.

Plum Opal200

£44.45 each for a tree in a 12 Litre pot

A plum with small, purple-red fruits. The flesh is yellow and juicy. Self-fertile. Aspect Full Sun.