fruit tree stand march 448 We are ordering our Fruit Tree selection for Autumn 2018 - Spring 2019. We will be getting a good selection of Fruit Trees, but if there is a special tree that you want, then please tell us and we will add it to our ourder. The COMPLETE selection can be seen by pressing the button!

 Fruit Tree List 2018 - 2019   We order all of our trees from Frank P Matthews

Apples are generally the easiest fruit trees to grow here on Skye, particularly in the less well sheltered spots.
To ensure good pollination and therefore a good crop, it is essential to grow two or more different cultivars from the same Flowering Group or adjacent Flowering Groups. All of the apple trees that we sell belong to flowering group 2 which is pollinated by groups 2, 3 and 4.

We sell one apple that is 'Triploid' (Bramley Seedling) It has sterile pollen and needs two other cultivars for good pollination; therefore, always grow at least two other non triploid cultivars with each Brambley, or alternatively maybe a neighbour has a suitable tree.

Pears, Plums and Damsons will all grow in the more sheltered areas on Skye. We also grow Cherries in our poly tunnel. They do well, providing us with plenty of cherries, sometimes, so many that we make jam with them!