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Christmas Trees Skye Shrubs

Cinco Advantage 8 Tree Stand

08/12/18 All the Christmas Trees at the Garden Centre are now sold out. We shall be delivering the remaining trees shortly to those who have ordered them.

All of the Christmas Trees that we sell at the Garden centre are Nordmann Fir.

  • Grown here in the Highlands near Inverness.
  • They don't drop their needles when taken indoors.
  • Optional Free Delivery throughout Skye
  • Pot Grown trees can be planted in the garden after Christmas and used again in future years.

Cut Nordman ChristmasTrees

Height Price
1.5 - 1.8 metres £34.95
1.8 - 2.10 metres £44.95
2.10 - 2.25 metres £54.95

Pot Grown Nordman Christmas Trees

Height 70cm - 100cm growing in a 7.5 litre pot £33.95

Cinco Advantage 8 Tree Stands

Available from the Garden Centre. These stands will take trees up to 8 feet tall and in our experiece are by far the most stable means of supporting your cut tree!

Price £25.45 each