Featured Soft Fruit

Blackberry Merton ThornlessWe stock various thornless Blackberries Merton Thornless is a compact growing hardy blackberry with large tasty black fruits, Very reliable and Hardy. Recommended. Crops form August onwards. Good for the smaller garden.



blackcurrant ben more

By far the best for plant habit, making a good cup-shaped. easy to manage bush, normally avoiding spring frosts but with the advantage of fruiting much earlier . The fruits are very large produced on short strings and ripen evenly with the excellent true blackcurrant flavour. The bush is upright with very strong branches that support the massive crop well.

blackcurrant ben sarek

A high yielding mildew resistant variety. Compact bushes produce large berries up to 1.6cm. Ben Sarek is highly frost tolerant making it an ideal variety for northern locations. Height 1m.

gooseberry careless

Noted to be the most widely grown variety in this country, a highly productive green gooseberry. Bred in the UK the smooth skined berries colour when ripe.  Desert and Culinary.

GooseberryInvicta fruit

Heavy cropping, mildew resistant firm green fruits, from late May.

Gooseberry Whinhams Industry

A fantastic desert gooseberry, with medium-large fruit, dark red skin colour and excellent flavour. The plants have an upright, bushy habit, and this particular variety is good for growing in the shade on heavy soil. Fruit is ready for picking from late July.

Redcurrant Rovada 200

We normally stock Rovada or Jonkher van Tets, the most widely grown varieties, due totheir high yields of superb quality fruit. Large berries on long striges make them easy pickers.

Rhubarb victoria

We have Timperly Early or Victoria (or both). Popular old fashioned varieties, Thick pink tinged stems from March to August

strawberry christine

We normally stock Christine, an early variety, cropping some 10 to 14 days ahead of Elsanta. It responds particularly well to covering by either fleece or layflat polythene. Aspect Full Sun/Partial Shade. Fruit colour Red. Fruits June. Semi-Evgn. Foliage colour Green. Hardy. Fertile soil. Usage: Culinary.