All these are in 3 litre pots at £7.95 each. They are supplied to us by James McIntyre & Sons of Blairgowrie.

Raspberry Autumn Bliss

Autumn Raspberry. An autumn type raspberry with large dark red fruits of excellent flavour.

raspberry glen ample

Summer Fruiting Raspberry. An exceptional, high-yielding, mid season variety that produces a heavy crop between late June and late July. Just five of the large, deep red, berries can weigh as much as 30gm (1oz)!

Raspberry Glen Lyon

Early Raspberry. Glen Lyon is an early cropping raspberry bush. It is hardy, disease resistant and quite vigorous.The fruit are nice when eaten by themselves, but not as sweet (slightly sharp in flavour) as the later cropping varieties.

Raspberry tulameen

Summer Fruiting Raspberry. Very large, dark pink fruits with a distinctive, conical shape and a deliciously sweet taste, appear in abundance on the vigorous canes which have long lateral shoots making them very easy to pick.