All these fruit bushes are in 3 litre pots at £6.95 each. They are supplied to us by James McIntyre & Sons of Blairgowrie.

Gooseberry Careless

'Careless' is one of the most popular and commonly known Gooseberry varieties within the country.  These tasty fruit will produce high yields of crisp tasting, yellow coloured fruit which is fully ripe by mid-July.

Gooseberry Hinnonmaki Green

Gooseberry. An excellent very hardy and vigorous mid-season variety. Specifically bred in Finland for hardiness and disease resistance, Hinnonmaki Green is a consistently prolific cropper of very large, well flavoured fruit.

Gooseberry Hinnonmaki Red

Gooseberry. A superb variety – very hardy and vigorous mid-season red gooseberry. Hinnonmaki Red reliably produces heavy crops of large, sweet, red berries of excellent quality. It was specifically bred in Finland for hardiness and disease resistance and is particularly resistant to mildew making it ideal for organic growing.

Gooseberry Whinhams Industry

A fantastic desert gooseberry, with medium-large fruit, dark red skin colour and excellent flavour. The plants have an upright, bushy habit, and this particular variety is good for growing in the shade on heavy soil. Fruit is ready for picking from late July.