Featured Olearia

olearia tweedledum hedge200

Hardy dense upright shrub. It bears relatively inconspicuous daisy like flowerheads in early summer. Useful for coastal hedging.

olearia Avicinifolia

Rounded bushy shrub suitable for the shrub border or windbreak hedging in coastal areas.

olearia cheesmanii

Daisy Bush. Upright-branched shrub or small tree with alternate, oblong, slightly toothed, leathery, dark green leaves. Daisy-like white flowerheads, with yellow centres are borne in large corymbs in mid to late spring.

Olearia dartonii

Large see through evergreen shrub with thin gray leaves that are only 1/3 inch wide but 2 inches long. One of the famed daisy bushes from New Zealand, it is also one of the cold hardiest for us.

olearia macrodonta jpeg

A really lovely evergreen flowering species suitable for informal hedging. Daisy Bush flowers profusely in July and August and is covered in small white flowers with yellow centres. It has a grey/green foliage sometimes appearing almost blue which is very attractive. 

olearia solandri

Coastal Daisy Bush. An upright bush with narrow green leaves and clusters of strongly fragrant, daisy-like, pale yellow flowers from summer to autumn. 

olearia waikariensis

Daisy Bush. An evergreen bush with olive-green leaves above, white beneath and clusters of daisy-like, white flowers in summer.

Olearia x Hastii200

Daisy Bush. In July and August this delightful daisy bush is smothered with clusters of yellow-centred, white, daisy-like flowers. A fabulous, informal flowering hedge or windbreak for a sunny, well-drained site, it's particularly suitable for coastal gardens since it stands up well to strong winds and salt-laden air.

olearia mckenzie

Daisy Bush. A dense bushy shrub with glossy, dark green leaves and dense clusters of daisy-like, white flowers with a yellow eye from mid to late summer. Dwarf variety of Olearia x haastii.

olearia x mol zennorensis

Dense rounded shrub with lance shaped, sharply toothed leaves. Daisy-like white flowerheads with yellow centres are produced in spherical corymbs in late spring. 

olearia xscilloniensis

Daisy Bush. Popular for its magnificent display of white daisy flowers that encompass the whole bush in late spring. The small, slender dark green leaves are virtually eclipsed in the flowering frenzy! Otherwise, this is a quiet evergreen with a dense growth habit. After flowering trim the shrub to ensure a symmetrical shape and tidy any wayward or diseased growth at the same time.