hebe albicans

A compact evergreen shrub with grey-green leaves and short spikes of white flowers.

hebe autumn gloryAn erect then spreading evergreen shrub with dark green, red margined leaves and small spikes of dark purple-blue flowers from mid-summer to early winter. 

hebe bowlesA rounded evergreen shrub with glossy pale green leaves and spikes of lavender-purple flowers from mid-summer to autumn. 

hebe championA compact shrub. It's foliage is a glimmering dark green, contrasting nicely with it's purple-brown branches. In the spring, it's violet-blue flowers appear in long upright clusters. This plant is ideal for a tub, but, because of its outstanding hardiness can be used in the border. 

hebe clear skiesHebe 'Clear Skies' is a frost hardy evergreen shrub. It is best planted in moist/damp, well-drained soil.

hebe emerald greenAn evergreen shrub making an almost perfect mound of green leaves and spikes of white flowers in mid to late summer. Grown mainly for foliage.

hebe first lightCompact Winter Green shrub up to a height of about 30cm. Leaves are dark green with a bronze coloured edge and central vein. Bronze coloured in winter and early spring. Excellent pot plant for the patio. Also good in borders.

hebe Great Orme

An open rounded evergreen shrub with dark purple stems and glossy mid-green leaves. Large bright pink flowers fading to white from mid-summer to mid-autumn.

Hebe johnny day 2Attractive and hardy evergreen shrub with year round, ornamental foliage. Lilac pink flowers sprays appear over warmer months. Responds well to clipping for low hedging. Easy and fast growing for quick results. Not fussy - growing in most soil types.

hebe lady annThis shrub combines several attractive features: during the summer, the foliage is green with silvery white margins. In Spring, the young shoots are purplish red and will be readily followed by dark pink flowers.

hebe nicolas blush

Ideal for seaside gardens. Covered in attractive pale pink and white flowers from mid-Summer until late Autumn. A spreading bushy evergreen shrub with mid-green glossy leaves.

hebe Pagei

A spreading shrub with leathery blue-green leaves on purple stems and small clusters of white flowers in late spring and early summer. 

hebe pink paradiseFrom April to May, this plant explodes into fine pink flowers. After it has flowered cut back the twigs to ensure compact growth and another period of flowering.

hebe Purple ShamrockA compact hardy variegated evergreen. In Summer, the narrow lime green leaves are edged with yellow and contrast well against the purple stems, before turning a stunning deep purple and pink during the winter and early spring months. Occasional blue flowers in late Summer.

hebe rakaiensis

A rounded shrub with glossy bright green leaves and small clusters of white flowers in early to mid summer.

hebe red edge

A spreading evergreen shrub with grey-green leaves, narrowly margined and veined red when young. Spikes of lilac-blue flowers fading to white in summer.

Hebe salicifoliaAn erect to spreading shrub with narrow mid-green leaves and white to pale lilac-blue pendent flowers in summer.

Hebe silver dollarThis new Hebe is a compact evergreen with silvery green variegated foliage with a narrow red margin. Shoot tips develop a stunning burgundy colour during the winter. 

hebe silver Queen

A bushy rounded shrub with dark green leaves, margined creamy white. Flowers purple from summer to autumn. 

hebe summer frostThis little known hardy Hebe forms a low spreading carpet. The glossy green leaves form the perfect background for the attractive, star shaped flowers that appear in May and June, initially lilac in colour but paling to white. 

hebe Wiri CharmHebe ‘Wiri Charm’ is a compact, evergreen bushy shrub. The dull, dark green leaves are spear-shaped, 1.2 to1.6 in long. The flowers are deep rose-purple, summer.

hebe wiri cloud

'Cloud' is a dwarf and compact evergreen shrub displaying a cloud of shell pink flowers which are freely produced during the summer. 

hebe wiri dawn1

Wiri Dawn' is a spreading dwarf evergreen shrub with narrow leaves and slender racemes of pale pink flowers in summer, often again in autumn.