fuchsia magellanicajpg

Good For Hedging on Skye. 

Hardy Fuschia is popularly planted for hedging. It is upright and vigorous (can reach 3m) but equally can be hard pruned after flowering to keep at a more manageable height (good at 1.5m to 2.0m).

Foliage is dark green and its flowers are profuse and bright with their strong pink outer petals and purple centres. It can keep flowering for many weeks through summer and autumn and is one of the hedging species that is good at the coast, especially here on Skye. The flowers are attractive to bees and other insects.


Fuchsia magellanica is good in all soils (other than sopping wet) and mild situations other than dense shade. It is alleged to be reasonably resistant to rabbits. The plants growing in our hedge are not attacked!