Featured OLearia

olearia tweedledum hedge200

Hardy dense upright shrub. It bears relatively inconspicuous daisy like flowerheads in early summer. Useful for coastal hedging. Can grow to 3m if left un pruned.

olearia macrodonta jpeg

A really lovely evergreen flowering species suitable for informal hedging. Daisy Bush flowers profusely in July and August and is covered in small white flowers with yellow centres. It has a grey/green foliage sometimes appearing almost blue which is very attractive. 

Olearia x Hastii200

Daisy Bush. In July and August this delightful daisy bush is smothered with clusters of yellow-centred, white, daisy-like flowers. A fabulous, informal flowering hedge or windbreak for a sunny, well-drained site, it's particularly suitable for coastal gardens since it stands up well to strong winds and salt-laden air.