Floribunda Roses at the garden centre 2019

for your eyes onlySelected by many experienced rose judges as the Rose of the Year for 2015! This is a stunning new ornage pink single and very fragrant Floribunda. 

Happy RetirementMasses of bright pink blooms with a good repeat flowering cycle. One of the most healthy and disease resistant roses available.Ideal as a specimen rose on it's own. Height 80cm width 60cm. Lovely perfume and obviously very highly recommended. 


Red Abundance

Good fragrance. Deep red flowers. Height 80cm.

Silver 25th Anniversary RoseWhite roses are often associated with weddings and are thought to symbolise unity.
The Silver Anniversary Rose is a beautiful elegant rose of pure white, the large blooms appear in July and will flower continuously until September. The stems are long and slender making the Silver Anniversary Rose, a perfect flower for cutting. Delicate fragrance. Height 90cm width 60cm.


TrumpeterDelicate fragrance. Bright Scarlet flowers. Height 80cm