Yak Rhododendrons available at the Garden Centre

Compact, evergreen rhododendron. They tend to flower in May and are usually very tough. They are ideal for the front of borders or pots.They grow to about 1 metre high.

All are 3 litre pots and are priced at £18.95 each.

rododendron excelsior200

Dark pink buds open to ruffled light pink flowers.

Compact evergreen shrub.

Excellent in any garden border or tub.

1m x 1m

Flowers throughout May


nancy evans

A real gardeners' favourite with unique golden yellow flowers. Flowers from late April to late May.

A low growing hybrid but with big showy flowers bred from Rhododendron yakushimanum, a glorious species with extremely pretty flowers.


Delicious pink flowers which lighten as they mature

Flowers throughout May

1m x 1m


A true red yakushimanum hybrid with a slightly upright, elegant habit that really suits mixed plantings. Waxy red flowers which hold their colour well in full trusses. 

Flowers throughout May

This and Dopey are the best true red yakushimanum hybrids

One of the famous Seven Dwarfs group of hybrids. Bold red, long lasting flowers. Deep and glossy red, long lasting flowers with dark brown spots. 

This and Titian Beauty are the best true red yakushimanum hybrids

1m x 1m