Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons for 2019 at the Garden Centre


The first of the deep pinks to flowers. Perfect growth habit

Flowers late April to late May

Grows to 150cm

Cunninghams WhiteA very old variety but still the most reliable white. As an extra bonus you often get a few autumn flowers too on this hybrid. The first white to flower in spring.

Really pollution tolerant and grows well in neutral or slightly alkaline soil. Great as a windbreak or hedge.

Dr ReigerA really elegant hybrid with plenty to show its parentage from the williamsii rhododendron side.

Flowers from mid April to mid May


Unique salmon orange flowers in a relaxed, loose open truss.

Flowers throughout May

Grows to 1.2m

A medium growing "compact hybrid" perfect for smaller gardens and pots on the patio. 


GoldflimmerGood golden variegated leaves with purple flowers. Ideal for pots.

Flowers mid May to mid June

Grows to 100cm

Half Dan LemRaised by the breeder of the same name this is a superb hybrid with a neat compact habit, tight red flowers and red stems throughout autumn and winter as the growth matures.

Horizon MonarchHuge, lush leaves oozing health and vigour, a growers and gardeners favourite. The best creamy yellow

Flowers late April to late May

Grows to 1.8m

Lord RobertsThe last deep red to flower. It is an old hybrid from the turn of the century but still remains a unique flower colour

Flowers late May to late June

Grows to 150cm

XXL1This Rhododendron is a new hybrid species which was obtained through more than 10 years of intensive breeding. The objective of the breeding process is to obtain a plant which will not only yield a beautiful flower, but which also has a fine appearance as a potted rhododendron, has an extended flowering period and moreover is readily grown. This newest variety is easily distinguished by a strikingly large raceme and an extended flowering period.