Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons for 2019 at the Garden Centre

Cunninghams WhiteA very old variety but still the most reliable white. As an extra bonus you often get a few autumn flowers too on this hybrid. The first white to flower in spring.

Really pollution tolerant and grows well in neutral or slightly alkaline soil. Great as a windbreak or hedge.

Half Dan LemRaised by the breeder of the same name this is a superb hybrid with a neat compact habit, tight red flowers and red stems throughout autumn and winter as the growth matures.


Evergreen shrub with a compact and wide habit.

1.3 m high and 1.5 m wide.

Leaves leathery, dark green, shiny. Dark purple flowers, in the middle, a little lighter, with a distinct, quite large olive green spot on the upper petal.

,It blooms quite late and very profusely at the end of May - beginning of June.

It requires semi-shaded or shady positions as well as acidic, moderately humid and humus soils.

Recommended for planting in gardens singly or in groups


Marcel MenardRoyal purple flower with a splash of light golden brown in the throat. A really distinctive colour.

Flowers late May to late June

Grows to 150cm

Mrs T H LowinskyA really distinctive flower changing from pink to pure white with a dark throat

Flowers from late May to late June

Grows to 1.5 to 1.8m

ScintillationAward winning hybrid for flower, performance and hardiness. Pink with a paler centre and a sprinking of toffee coloured speckles.

Flowers mid May to mid June

Grows to 150cm


Funnel-shaped flowers, wide open, dark red, with a pronounced red-black spot on one petal.

Requires semi-shaded positions and acidic soils as found here on Skye. 

Flowers throughout May and early June

Grows to 1.2m high and 1.4m wide




The brightest pink in a loose open truss. The last of our pinks to flower

Flowers late May to late June

Grows to 150cm

A small growing "compact hybrid" perfect for smaller gardens and pots