Dwarf Rhododendrons for 2019 at the Garden Centre

Arctic TernDelicate clusters of tiny white flowers emerge from candle shaped buds

An exotic variety for the enthusiast or collector. 

A neat, compact, dwarf Rhododendron 60cm x 60cm

Elizabeth HobbieThe last red dwarf to flower


Good compact growth with an elegant, layered shape

Gertrude ShalleThe first of the red dwarfs to flower

Flowers in April

60cm x 60cm


The nation's favourite yellow dwarf rhododendron

Very compact habit

Flowers from early April to early May

60cm x 60cm


A neat, compact, dwarf Rhododendron






Lovely large tubular flowers

Mid April to mid May


Likes to be on the dry side through winter

This makes it an excellent choice for a pot under the eaves of the house

One of our favourites!

A neat, compact, dwarf Rhododendron






A neat, compact, dwarf Rhododendron

Dwarf rhododendrons are the earliest group of rhododendrons to flower

The last of the pink dwarfs to flower


A mass of bell shaped flowers

Very compact plant, 60cm x 60cm

Flowers from late April to early May

WinsomeSpectacular bronze young foliage

A stronger and faster growing dwarf