Featured Herbs

applemintMentha suaveolens A good culinary mint with large round hairy leaves and a scent of mint and apples. Excellent flavour, especially for mint sauce. Use with potatoes, peas, carrots, and green beans, in salads and summertime drinks.

chivesA hardy perennial plant with hollow grass like leaves. The small purple flowers make this a nice plant for the edge of the herb garden. Chopped Chives are used in salads, cooked vegetables, soups and egg dishes. Flavour is similar to an onion.

Lemon ThymeAn attractive evergreen perennial with aromatic foliage and yellow flowers in the summer. Grows up to 45 cm high but responds well to keeping it in trim. The leaves have a slightly spicy flavour and are used chopped into salads

garlic chivesIt is used in soups, sauces, caviar, salads, meet, egg dishes, etc. The herb plays a big part in Asian cuisine. If garlic needs to be avoided then garlic chives are the best way to add the garlic flavour without putting the garlic into the dish.

Marjoram goldenMarjoram is popular in Mediterranean and North American cookery. Add to vegetables, tomato-based dishes, stuffings, forcemeats, sausages, preserved meats, game, poultry and pulses. Chop the leaves, but do not use the stems; add at the end of the cooking time.

Lemon ThymeThis herb is a perennial evergreen, a 'must have' in your herb garden. It is used to addflavour to meat dishes, fish, eggs, cheese, jams, jellies and fruit salads.

sage commonSalvia  officinalis. A perennial herb with narrow pale grey-green leaves with a rough texture and soft purple flowers. Primarily used in stuffings. Also adds flavour to meat and poultry dishes, salads, herb cheeses and vinegar.

Thyme GardenGarden Thyme. A bushy subshrub with aromatic dark green leaves. Mauve flowers from late spring to mid-summer. Height 15cm, 30cm. Spread 40cm. Flower colour Mauve. Flowers May, July. Evergreen. Foliage colour Green. Hardy. Most types soil. Usage: Herb garden/Border