Available Conifers

cham ellwoods piller

A very attractive form with feathery bluish-grey foliage. Height 80cm. Spread 25cm. Aspect Full Sun and Partial Shade. Evergreen. Foliage Colour Grey and Blue. Hardy. Fertile soil. Usage : Border, Container, Pot and Rock garden.

cham fernspray gold

A very distinctive yellow conifer with arching fern like branches. Use in border or rockery
Annual growth 10 cm


Chamaecyparis squarrosa Sulphurea 200

Sawara Cypress. A dwarf pyramidal bush with grey-green foliage in winter, turning a bright sulphur-yellow in summer. Slow Growing Height 1.5m. Spread 90cm. Aspect Full Sun. Evergreen. Foliage colour Green, Grey, Yellow. Hardy. Fertile soil. Usage: Rock garden, Border. THe one showing in the picture is growing just outside the Garden Centre.

chamaecyparis sungold

Filiferous foliage, bun shaped, golden. Suitable for ground cover.
Annual growth 6 cm

cham true blue

Attractive bright blue bush. Height 90cm. Aspect Full Sun. Evergreen. Foliage Colour Blue. Hardy. Fertile soil. Usage : Container/Pot and Rock garden.

chamaecyparis rubicon200

White Cypress. An attractive compact, small, conical tree with sea green foliage, soft to touch, with distinctive purple winter colour. Height 70cm. Spread 45cm. Aspect Full Sun. Evergreen. Foliage Colour Green and Purple. Hardy. Fertile soil. Usage : Rock garden and Border.

crypt jap mushroom

A flat topped round dwarf plant with light green foliage that turns russet brown in winter. Suitable for border or small garden.
Annual growth 4 cm

cryptomeria sekkan sugi

Prominent leading shoot with semi-pendulous branches. Light golden cream foliage. Use for border or shrubbery.
Annual growth 15 cm

Cupressus wilma

Monterey Cypress. A narrow coniferous tree, rich golden yellow foliage with pointed plume-like sprays. Height 5m. Spread 2.5m. Aspect Full Sun. Evergreen. Foliage Colour Yellow. Hardy. Most types soil. Usage : Specimen and Hedging..

Juniperus Carbury Gold

Juniper. A semi-prostrate conifer with attractive sulphur-yellow foliage. 

juniperus old gold

Juniper. Compact semi-prostrate conifer with bright golden yellow foliage, less bright in winter. 

juniperus pyramidalis

Chinese Juniper. The most widely planted pyramid shaped conifer, it has a blue/ green colour that is stronger if the plant is kept fed. 

juniperus repanda

Common Juniper. Fast Growing A dense, ground hugging conifer with dull green foliage, bronzing slightly in winter. 

Juniperus blue carpet 200

JJuniper. A low spreading conifer with silver-blue leaves. Height 30cm. Spread 1.5m, 2m. Evergreen. Foliage colour Silver, Blue. Hardy. Most types soil. Usage: Border, Ground cover. This one shown is growing in the car park outside the Garden Centre at Portree.

juniperus squamata blue star

Juniper. A compact bushy conifer with deep blue foliage in winter and silvery blue in summer. Height 40cm. Spread 50cm. Evergreen. Foliage colour Silver, Blue. Hardy. Most types soil. Usage: Border, Specimen. The picture shows the plant growing in our garden on Skye.

picea rainbows end

A dwarf conical green plant with second growth that is yellow tinged red. Colours are variable with season. Use in rockery or tub
Annual growth 6 cm