Conifers at the Garden Centre

We update this list regularly. Shown below however, is an indication of the conifers that are available at the garden centre at the moment as Conifers arrive (and are sold) throughout the season. Conifers are normally available in 1, 2 or 3 litre pots. 

cham snow white

An excellent patio plant with decorative white tips to the new foliage in winter. Very slow growing. Height 1m. Spread 45cm. Aspect Full Sun and Partial Shade. Evergreen. Foliage Colour Green and White. Hardy. Fertile soil. Usage : Border, Container, Pot, Rock garden and Scree.

chamaecyparis boulevard

Conical, popular for its blue summer colour, suitable for shrubbery.
Annual growth 10 cm

cryptomeria jap elegans

Medium size, conical shape. Browny green in summer, copper bronze in winter. Suitable for shrubbery.
Annual growth 30 cm

crypt jap mushroom

A flat topped round dwarf plant with light green foliage that turns russet brown in winter. Suitable for border or small garden.
Annual growth 4 cm

Juniperus Carbury Gold

Juniper. A semi-prostrate conifer with attractive sulphur-yellow foliage. 

juniperus old gold

Juniper. Compact semi-prostrate conifer with bright golden yellow foliage, less bright in winter. 

juniperus pyramidalis

Chinese Juniper. The most widely planted pyramid shaped conifer, it has a blue/ green colour that is stronger if the plant is kept fed. 

juniperus repanda

Common Juniper. Fast Growing A dense, ground hugging conifer with dull green foliage, bronzing slightly in winter. 

Juniperus blue carpet 200

JJuniper. A low spreading conifer with silver-blue leaves. Height 30cm. Spread 1.5m, 2m. Evergreen. Foliage colour Silver, Blue. Hardy. Most types soil. Usage: Border, Ground cover. This one shown is growing in the car park outside the Garden Centre at Portree.

juniperus squamata blue star

Juniper. A compact bushy conifer with deep blue foliage in winter and silvery blue in summer. Height 40cm. Spread 50cm. Evergreen. Foliage colour Silver, Blue. Hardy. Most types soil. Usage: Border, Specimen. The picture shows the plant growing in our garden on Skye.

juniperus squamata blue holger

Juniper. A spreading conifer with blue-green winter foliage transforming to a bright creamy yellow in spring toning down by summer. Height 30cm. Spread 90cm, 1.2m. Aspect Full Sun/Partial Shade. Evergreen. Foliage colour Blue, Green, Yellow. Hardy. Most types soil. Usage: Border, Specimen

Picea albertiana Conica

White Spruce. The dense cone of bright green foliage and slow-growing habit make this conifer a must for the rockery. Slow Growing Height 1.5m. Spread 90cm. Aspect Full Sun. Evergreen. Foliage colour Green. Hardy. Fertile soil. Usage: Specimen

picea alberta globe

A very neat conifer forming a broad conical shape of tight foliage. Beautiful in Spring and Summer.
Annual growth 3 cm

Podocarpus 'Kilworth Cream'

Alpine Totara. A very unusual looking dwarf conifer. Creamy white all year with pink tips of new growth in Spring. Podocarpus are natives of South Island New Zealand. Should do well up here on Skye.
The plant will be at it's best if it is planted in a sunny exposed spot. A few winter frosts are no problem for this plant.

taxus baccata Fastigiata

Irish Yew. A narrowly columnar evergreen conifer with narrow dark green leaves. Produces cones. Height 2m. Spread 50cm. Aspect Full Sun/Partial Shade. Evergreen. Foliage Colour Green. Hardy. Most types soil. Usage : Specimen.

taxus baccata standishii

Yew. A narrowly columnar evergreen conifer with golden yellow leaves. Produces cones. Height 2.0 m. Spread 60cm. Aspect Full Sun/Partial Shade. Evergreen. Foliage colour Yellow. Hardy. CAUTION toxic if eaten. Most types soil. Usage: Specimen The picture features the plant that we have at the Garden Centre's been growing in the pot by the cabin now for over 10 years.