Inula hookeri

Maybe it’s the uninspiring name, but hooker’s inula hasn’t caught on yet. We don’t know why, because it’s a really easy plant to grow up here on Skye.

Its shaggy yellow daisy flowers are usually alive with butterflies and bees in the summer. Unlike the rest of the inula clan,  hooker inula is not huge; at about 60cm tall it’s good for smaller pollinator patches.

Plant it with? It’s a mid- to late-summer performer, so will look great with other “hot” flowers: think heleniums, red hot pokers, monardas and echinacea, all of which we stock here at Skye Shrubs.

And where? It’s said to love cool, moist soils..... so it grows really well here in our garden on Skye.  Partial shade or full sun.

Any drawbacks? It will colonise widely.

What else can it do? Birds love the seedheads, so leave the plants standing into autumn.