All Compost and Compost Additives


Miracle Gro Bulb Fibre 20LMiracle-Gro Bulb Fibre Enriched Compost is a specially formulated premium peat free compost enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food. It is perfect for growing fabulous bulbs.

20 litre bag is £6.49 each 

JAB Multipurpose compost 2019 organic and peat free

50 litre bag for only £4.99 each 

 J. Arthur Bower’s Multi-Purpose Compost contains nitrogen for green leaf and shoot growth and phosphate for strong root development. It also contains potassium for more flowers and fruit.

Furthermore, it contains trace elements to promote plant health and disease resistance. It can be used for virtually all types of plant and the slightly coarse texture is perfect for all your potting needs as it promotes healthy root growth and resists compaction.

M/Gro All Purpose Premium CompostLevington Multipurpose with JI 200

£5.99 each for a 50 litre bag

A Premium All Purpose Compost that caters the needs of all young and mature potted plants. Its unique formulation of 3 different patents will feed your plants for 6 months, provide the optimum structure for the roots to grow strong and prevent water to dry out fast, as a result your plants will thrive.

Vitax 6X Plant FoodLevington Multipurpose with JI 200

£9.45 each for a 15 kg bag

Ideal for all soils, flowers, lawns, vegetables, shrubs and trees, 6X Natural Fibrous Fertiliser is popular amongst all gardeners.

Highly concentrated, 6X Natural Fibrous is a traditional chicken fertiliser and 100% natural. Cost-effective and efficient, one sack is equivalent to six to eight sacks of farm manure.

VermiculiteLevington Multipurpose with JI 200

£7.95 each for a 10 litre bag

A natural mineral which has been heated to a high temperature, Vermiculite comprises of lightweight, highly absorbent flakes.

By adding Vermiculite to growing media it will improve aeration and increase retention of moisture and nutrients.