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Buy 3 for £14.00 offers can be mixed and matched.

Levington Multi Purpose John Innes 50LLevington Multipurpose with JI 200

£4.99 each for a 40 litre bag - buy 3 for £14.00

Levington® Multi Purpose Compost with added John Innes is a unique combination of peat, sterilised loam and horticultural sand. Used by many professional and traditional gardeners for healthy plant establishment and growth.

Levington Ericaceous CompostLevington Ericaceous

£4.99 each for a 40 litre bag - buy 3 for £14.00

Levington® Ericaceous Compost is specially formulated for growing acid-loving or lime-hating plants in pots and containers.

Miracle Gro Bulb Fibre 20LMiracle-Gro Bulb Fibre Enriched Compost is a specially formulated premium peat free compost enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food. It is perfect for growing fabulous bulbs.

Levington Houseplant Compost 8L

£3.99 each (for a 10 litre bag) 

Levington® Houseplant compost is a premium blended compost as used by many professional gardeners and growers. Levington® Houseplant compost has a special combination of ingredients for your houseplants. Enriched with all of the essential plant nutrients to guarantee you stronger, healthier and more colourful plants.