Compost Maker

Miracle-Gro Compost Maker speeds up the composting process. Its nitrogen rich base helps to stimulate bacteria growth. It is suitable for Organic use and ideal for garden and kitchen vegetable waste. 

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On compost heaps:  Springle evenly over 20-25cm of composting material and lightly fork in

In compost bins: Mix evenly with 20-25cm of composting materials as the bin is filled.

Making Compost

Site your compost bin or heap in a warm, sheltered part of the garden.  For best results, it should be in contact with the soil and have a cover.  Add a good mixutre of garden and kitchen waste, shredding or breaking up larger pieces.  Do not add large quantities of grass, paper, card or woody branches all in one go.  Keep the compost moist but not waterlogged.  Water the heap if the waste is dry or woody.  Forking over, mixing and turning the contents every few weeks or so will help the composting process.  The top of the heap should be kept warm and moist by covering with a lid, polythene sheet or similar covering.  Do not add cooked food of any kind as this can attract vermin.


Use on grass cuttings, vegetable matter, egg shells, weeds, leaves, shredded stems and other woody materials.