LimeMiracle-Gro Lime Natural Soil Improver is calcium rich to reduce soil acidity. It ensures stronger roots and healthier fruit and leaves and can be used on established lawns to help prevent moss. Use in winter for vegetable patches prior to digging.


During soil preparation/planting time - sprinkle evenly over the soil and mix in well.  During dry weather, water well after sowing seeds and planting out.

During the growing season - sprinkle over the soil around established plants. Gently work it into the soil surface with a hand fork or hoe without disturbing the plant roots and water in thoroughly.

Lime must not be used on ericaceous or lime-hating plants or at the same time as a fertiliser.  Leave 3 weeks before applying fertiliser.

Use Miracle-Gro® Lime Soil Preparer whenever it is necessary to reduce the acidity (pH) of soil and make it more alkaline.  It can be used at any time of year, but atumn or winter application gives best results.


Ideal as a topdressing for lawns.