Ferts and Chems

 We aim to keep the range of plant food shown below, in stock here throughout the season. We are happy to give advice on what is best for your particular requirements for plant feeding. Details of the various foods can also be found by following the links on  the items in the tables below.

Plant Food Sold as Granules Plant Food Sold as a Liquid
Pelleted Poultry Manure Baby BIO Houseplant Food 175ml
Baby Bio Plant Food Tablets Azalea, Camelllia, Rhododendron Food
Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Soluble Plant Food 1kg +20% Free Container and basket feed
Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Soluble Plant Food 500g Lawn feed
Miracle-Gro® continuous release Ericaceous jar 1kg Liquid Growmore 1L
Miracle-Gro® continuous release plant food jar 1kg + 30% free Liquid Seaweed
Phostrogen Plant Food Liquid Rose Food Concentrate
Bonemeal 1.5kg carton Liquid Tomato Tomato food
Bonemeal 3.5kg carton miracle gro Orchid food concentrated
Bonemeal 10kg tub miracle gro grow fruit and veg food
Fish Blood and Bone 1.5kg carton All Purpose Liq plant food 1 L
Growmore 1.5kg carton Origins Organic Plant Food 0.5L
Growmore 3.5Kg carton Tomorite 0.5L
Lime 3.5 kg Tomorite 1L + 30% free
Sulphate Ammonia Tomorite 2.5L
Sulphate of potash Uncle Tom's rose tonic x 500mls
Magnesium Salts  
Sulphate of Iron  
organic potato fertilizer 1kg  
Organic Choice Plant food  
Miracle Gro Rose and Shrub Food  
Osmocote Plant Food controlled release tablets  
Vitax Q4 0.9kg  
Vitax Q4 2.5kg