Nordmann Growing near Inverness 1

Christmas Trees Skye Shrubs

Cinco Advantage 8 Tree Stand

All of the Christmas Trees that we sell at the Garden centre are Nordmann Fir.

  • Grown here in the Highlands near Inverness.
  • They don't drop their needles when taken indoors.
  • Optional Free Delivery throughout Skye
  • Pot Grown trees can be planted in the garden after Christmas and used again in future years.

Cut Nordman ChristmasTrees

Height 1.5 metres - 2.75 metres

Pot Grown Nordman Christmas Trees

Height 70cm - 100cm growing in a 7.5 litre pot £33.95

Cinco Advantage 8 Tree Stands

Available from the Garden Centre. These stands will take trees up to 8 feet tall and in our experiece are by far the most stable means of supporting your cut tree!