Seed Display

We stock Mr Fothergill's seeds. This season we have focused more on our vegetable seed selection and aim to keep the seeds stocked up throughout their 'sowing' season. It there is a particular variety that you like that is not shown on the list, then please let us know and we will try and get it for you.

14742FWFCornfield Mixture£3.60
15458FWFOx Eye Daisy£2.80
10877FWFWildlife Mixture£3.60
17169FBUTTERFLY ATTRACTING Mixed Annuals£2.55
14048ECALENDULA Art Shades£2.15
12246ECALENDULA Pot Marigold Nova£2.40
11542FCALIFORNIAN POPPY Single Mixed£1.85
13275ECATMINT Catnip£2.15
16637FCORNFLOWER Blue Ball£2.40
10301FCORNFLOWER Tall Mixed£2.15
13459FCOSMOS Sensation Mixed£2.15
14229FGODETIA Dwarf Mixed£1.85
14374FLARKSPUR Hyacinth Dwarf Mixed£2.40
14765FMARIGOLD (French) Dwarf Double Mixed£2.15
16489FMESEMBRYANTHEMUM Livingstone Daisy Mixed£1.85
13809FMIXED ANNUALS Quick & Easy£2.40
14684ENASTURTIUM (Trailing) African Queen£2.40
12427ENASTURTIUM Empress of India£2.40
12849ENASTURTIUM Jewel Mixed£2.40
21309ENASTURTIUM Paso Doble£2.40
14092ENASTURTIUM Summer Carousel£2.55
11824ENASTURTIUM Tom Thumb£2.40
12574ENASTURTIUM (Trailing) Mixed£2.40
12369FNIGELLA Love in a Mist - Persian Jewels£2.15
14916EPOPPY Ladybird£2.40
16005ESUNFLOWER Evening Sun£2.40
12361ESUNFLOWER Giant Single£1.45
15984ESUNFLOWER Little Dorrit F1£2.80
17078FSWEET PEA Big Top£2.40
16493FSWEET PEA Dwarf Explorer Mixed£2.40
23234FSWEET PEA Fire & Ice£2.40
10828FSWEET PEA Incense Mixed£2.40
11647FSWEET PEA Old Spice Mixed (grandiflora)£2.40
11545FSWEET PEA Perfume Duet (grandiflora)£2.55
11622VHBASIL Sweet£2.15
16677VH, MATMAT BASIL Sweet£3.10
10827VHCORIANDER (for seed)£2.15
19216VHCORIANDER Calypso£2.40
10923VHCORIANDER Cilantro (for leaf)£2.15
16307VHPARSLEY Moss Curled 2£2.15
11694VHPARSLEY Plain Leaved 2£2.15
11723VBEETROOT Boltardy£1.85
10518VBEETROOT Detroit 2 (Crimson Globe)£1.85
19220VBEETROOT Moulin Rouge£2.40
15189VBROCCOLI (Autumn) Green Calabrese£1.85
10940VBROCCOLI (Sprouting) Early Purple£2.15
12062VBROCCOLI (Sprouting) Summer Purple£2.40
15511VBRUSSELS SPROUT Evesham Special£2.15
12533VCABBAGE Offenham 2 (Flower of Spring)£1.85
16898VContainedCARROT Amsterdam 3 (Sprint)£2.40
10259VCARROT Autumn King 2£1.85
24683VCARROT Burpees Short 'n' Sweet£2.40
13002VCARROT Chantenay Red Cored 2£1.45
14442VCARROT Flyaway F1£3.60
10326VCARROT Nantes 5£1.85
15127VTAPETAPE CARROT Nantes 5£3.10
13705VNDTCARROT Resistafly Tozresis F1£3.10
16059VCARROT Sugarsnax 54 F1£3.10
16607VCELERIAC Monarch£2.15
15151VCELERY Green Sleeves£2.40
16096VCHARD Bright Lights£3.10
11220VContainedCHARD Rhubarb Chard (Charlotte)£2.40
15051VCHARD White Silver 2£1.85
12592VCOURGETTE All Green Bush£1.85
15522VNDTCOURGETTE Primula F1£3.10
14176VNDTCOURGETTE Soleil F1£3.10
15402VCOURGETTE Zucchini£2.40
10865VCRESS Fine Curled£2.15
14214VCUCUMBER (Gherkin) Cornichon de Paris£2.15
15381VNDTCUCUMBER Passandra F1£4.25
15841VGMGREEN MANURE Phacelia tanacetifolia£2.80
16156VKALE Dwarf Green Curled£1.45
10351VKALE Nero Di Toscana£1.85
13264VKOHL RABI Olivia F1£2.80
19240VKOMATSUNA Japanese Spinach Te-suto F1£2.15
23262VEXHIBITIONLEEK Cairngorm F1£3.60
15697VLEEK Musselburgh£2.15
16854VLETTUCE All The Year Round£1.45
12097VContainedLETTUCE Gourmet Mixed£2.40
10546VLETTUCE Little Gem£1.85
13553VTAPETAPE LETTUCE Little Gem£3.10
14032VLETTUCE Lobjoits Green Cos£1.85
16343VLETTUCE Salad Bowl Red & Green Mixed£2.15
15456VLETTUCE Webbs Wonderful£1.45
16084VMARROW Long Green Bush 2£2.40
13090VContainedMIXED Lettuce Green Leaves£2.40
15474VMATMAT MIXED Lettuce Leaves£3.10
14507VContainedMIXED Mild Salad Leaves£2.40
15718VContainedMIXED Oriental Salad Leaves£2.40
16812VContainedMIXED Spicy Salad Leaves£2.40
13740VContainedMUSTARD Oriental Ruby Streaks£2.40
12751VONION (Spring) White Lisbon£2.15
15485VONION (Spring) White Lisbon Winter Hardy£2.15
13201VPAK CHOI Green Revolution F1£2.40
15443VPAK CHOI Red Choi F1£2.40
11268VNDTPARSNIP Countess F1£2.55
14748VPARSNIP Javelin F1£2.55
13883VPARSNIP Tender and True£1.85
15785VTAPETAPE PARSNIP White Gem£3.10
15650VContainedPEPPER (Hot) Razzamatazz£2.55
16674VPEPPER (Hot) Rokita£2.15
16163VPEPPER (Sweet) Topepo rosso F1£2.40
14366VNDTRADISH Celesta F1£2.40
16284VRADISH French Breakfast 3£1.45
11890VRADISH Sparkler 3£2.40
19225VROCKET Buzz (All year round)£2.55
11228VContainedROCKET Mixed£2.40
16114VROCKET Runway£2.55
19214VNDTROCKET WILD Tricia (All year round)£2.55
11349VSPINACH BEET Perpetual Spinach£2.15
21318VSPINACH Cello F1£2.40
10569VNDTSPINACH Emilia F1£2.40
11240VSPINACH Samish F1£2.40
10848VSQUASH (Butternut) Hawk F1£3.10
10026VSWEDE Best of All£2.15
19218VSWEDE Gowrie£2.40
13272VSWEDE Helenor£2.15
14451VSWEET CORN Swift F1£2.80
16877VTOMATO Gardeners Delight£2.15
13406VTOMATO Sungold F1£3.60
14393VNDTTOMATO Sweet Million F1£3.60
16562VTURNIP Purple Top Milan£1.85
21321VTURNIP Sweet Marble F1£1.85
11549VBROAD BEAN Masterpiece Green Longpod£2.80
15763VBROAD BEAN The Sutton (Dwarf)£2.80
16722VBROAD BEAN Witkiem (Manita)£2.80
12649VDWARF FRENCH BEAN Ferrari£3.60
13575VDWARF FRENCH BEAN Stanley£3.60
19176VPEA (Petit Pois) Linnet£2.80
14495VPEA (Snap) Sugar Bon£2.80
10230VPEA Ambassador£2.80
11808VPEA Hurst Green Shaft£2.80
16624VPEA Kelvedon Wonder£2.80
15391VRUNNER BEAN Enorma£3.60
27350VCAULIFLOWER Moby Dick F1£3.60
27385VPEA (Mangetout) Delikata£2.80
28423VPEA Starlight£2.80
29042FBritish Wildflowers Collection£4.99