Products stocked in our cabin.

Product DescriptionRetail PriceMore Details
Bird Cuisine - Forest Green£48.49Link
Bishopdale Bird Table£48.49Link
Cosy Bird Nest Box£10.99
Country Garden Bird Table£60.49Link
Cylinder Feeder Fat Ball - small - black/green£14.99
Cylinder Feeder peanut - small - black/green£14.99
Drummond Bird Table£47.99Link
Fatballs tub of 50 £10.99
Oakwell nest box£14.45
Oswald Bird Table£67.99Link
Peanuts - 1kg £3.72
Peanuts - 2kg £7.15
Robin Nest Box£10.99
Snoozy Bird Nest Box£9.99
Sunflower Hearts 1 kg£2.55
Sunflower Hearts 2kg£5.41
Apple Maggot Monitoring Trap£7.49
Apple Maggot Trap Refil£4.99
Bay Prov Weevil Killer easy 500ml£12.65
Biofume Greenhouse fumigator£6.06
Boltac Grease Bands£6.75
Bug Clear ultra systemic RTU edible£6.25
Grazers C piller and Aphid .35l conc£9.25
Nippon Ant Killer 300g£5.55
Provado ult b/kill rtu 1l£4.95
Roseclear 1 litre RTU Ultra£6.85
Roseclear 200ml Ultra£10.35
Vitax Sulphur Candle£5.99
Yellow Sticky Trap Medium£6.49
Fruit and Veg Disease control fungicide£9.75
FUNGUS CLEAR ultra gun 1 litre£6.95
Doff Slug and smail copper tape 4M£4.10
Scotts Origins Banish Slug Rem 450g£3.49
Slug Busters£5.95
Slugclear Ultra 3 685g£6.45
Ecofective Weedblast 1 Litre RTU£4.95
Roundup fast acting RTU 1L 20% free£6.65
Roundup gel 150ml£10.25
Roundup gel wand only£19.45
Roundup Optima plus 140ml +50% free£10.45
Roundup Tree stump Killer 250 ml£18.35
Weedol / Pathclear 3 tube £5.79
Weedol Gun RTU Rootkill plus 1L (Red RTU)£4.55
Weedol Pathclear 6 tube plus 2 free (Blue Packet)£10.95
Weedol Pathclear Gun 1ltr (Blue Gun)£5.99
Weedol Rootkill Plus 6+2 tubes (Red Packet)£12.25
Weedol ultra tough 6+2 tubes (Grey Packet)£11.95
Doff M/P Lawn Seed 500g£4.80
e/green Liq feed and mosskill 1L£8.65
e/green m/p grass seed 420gm extra free total 480 gm£6.45
m/gro lawn food 1kg£7.15
multipurpose grass seed 1.6kg£17.49
Sco Patch Magic Jug1015g£9.75
Sco Weedol Lawn RTU 800ml +25%£5.95
Baby Bio Plant Food Tablets (50)£4.45
Bonemeal 1.5kg carton£4.75
Bonemeal 10 kg tub£13.75
Bonemeal 3.5kg carton£6.65
Chicken (Poultry) Manure (Pelleted) 8kg Tub (Vitax)£7.75Link
Doff seq Iron Tonic£5.15
EVE Mg Perform Org Ap Pf£7.55
Fish Blood and Bone 1.5kg carton£4.75
Growmore 1.5kg carton£4.75
Growmore 3.5Kg carton£6.25
Lime 3.5 kg£6.65
m/gro plant food 1kg +20% FOC pkt£5.95
m/gro plant food 500g pkt£3.99
Magnesium Salts 1.5kg carton£4.65
miracle gro continuous release Ericaceous (jar 1kg)£6.25
miracle gro continuous release plant food (jar 1kg)£6.25
Miracle Gro continuous release Rose and Shrubfood ( jar 1kg)£6.25
Neu Org M/P Pl/Food 1.25 kg£6.25
Sco Organic Choice Plant food£4.75
ScoM/Gro Rose and Shrub 750 gm£4.95
Scotts OsmocotePlant Food c/r tablets£3.99
Sulphate of Ammonia 1.5kg£4.65
Sulphate of Iron 1.5kg carton£4.85
Sulphate of potash 1.5kg carton£5.25
Superphosphate 1.5kg carton£4.65
Vitax Azal Rod Shrub pouch£6.49
Vitax orgpotato fertilizer 1kg£3.45
Vitax Q4 0.9kg£5.15
Baby BIO Houseplant Food 175ml£2.99
DOF Azalea, Camelllia, Rhododendron£3.99
DOF Container and basket feed 1L£3.99
DOF Lawn feed 1L£3.99
DOF Liquid Growmore 1L£3.99Link
DOF Liquid Seaweed£3.99
DOF Rose Food Conc. 1L£3.99
DOF Tomato liq Tomato food 1L£3.99
m/Gro Orchid food conc 236 ml£4.25
M/GRO Rose and Shrub 1LT£4.75
m/grow fruit and veg food 1litre£5.15
Sco All Purpose Liq plant food 1 L£5.25
Sco Origins Org Plant Food 0.5L£4.85
Tomorite 1L + 30% free£5.25
Vitax Houseplant food£2.49
Vitax Liquid Tomato Feed (1 litre)£2.49
Vitax Rose Guard Tonic 0.5l£16.55
VTX Perlite£9.45
VTX Vermiculite£9.45
Levington Houseplant Compost 10L£3.99
Miracle Grow Moisture Control Compost Hang Basket 8L£4.95
Miracle/Grow Camelia, Azalea Rhododemdron 10L£3.99
Sco Bonsai and Cactus Compost 6L£3.55
VTX Aquatic compost 20L£5.25
Horticultural Potting Grit Large 20kg£5.99
Horticultural Potting Grit Small£3.45
Sharp sand small£3.45
Washed Gravel Large 20kg£5.99
Washed Gravel small£3.45
6.5 inch bulb bowl - grey fleck (PGB6A)£1.25
8 inch bulb bowl - grey fleck (PGB8A)£1.95
Apollo Tie Wire Grn 15m x 2mm£2.55
Apollo Tie Wire Grn 25m x 1mm£2.75
Bamboo Canes 3 ft (pack of 18) £4.69
Bean and Pea Net 4m x 2m £3.85
Cane Caps (CAP)21p each
Compost Maker 2 5kg (Vitax)£4.25
Compost maker 3.5kg (miracle gro)£5.95
Eco Green Fleece Blanket£10.45
Eco Green Micromesh 1.8 x 5.0m£15.45
Envirofleece 2.4m x 5m£12.49
Envirofleece 4.0m x 5m£14.49
Fixing Pegs 7.5 inches long (PP7)21p each
Gloves Green Large GL097L£3.45
Gloves Green Large GL097XL£3.45
Gloves Orange Medium GL098M£3.45
Grazers Rabbit n Deer Rtu£6.45
Green Twine in a tin ECO£3.99
Greenhouse Shading£10.25
Ground Staples£6.45
Hydrangea Colourant 500g£3.86
labels 5 inch (L05PK)10 for 30p
marker pens (STB)£4.32
Midge Jacket£27.75
Miracle-gro Leaf Shine Spray 200ml£3.90
Plant Protect Net 3m x 2m £2.85
Plant Protect Netting 6m x 4m £6.25
Polypropylene Twine 100g£2.99
Polypropylene Twine 200g£2.99
Sco Brintons Patio Magic 2.5L£12.25
Sco M/Gro Moist Control Gel£5.95
Seed Tray Propagator Lids£7.15
Soft Stretch Tie £2.99
Spiral Tree Guards (TG524CASE)70p each
support frames 12£9.75
support frames 16£12.45
Tree Ties 95p each
VTX Mulch Mats£4.65
VTX Org Rooting Gel £3.29
VTX Org Rooting Powder 50g£1.99
Wigwam Cane Grips pack of two 75895£1.69
Caroline Love Seat£235.00
Emily Bench 5 foot£235.00
Square Trellis 1.83m x 0.915m£17.95
tree stakes large 5 feet£3.25
tree stakes small 4 feet£2.75
Whisky Barrel£29.95Link
Heavy duty Black DALTEX (50m x 3.3m) £2.75 per metre length
Heavy Duty Black DALTEX Fabric (100m x 1.3m)£97 per roll
Heavy Duty Black DALTEX Fabric (100m x 1.3m)£1.45 per metre length
UV70 Black (100m x 1.5m) (mulch)£55 per 100 m roll
UV70 roll per metre (mulch)95p per metre
Windbreak Netting (T40E1) Green £2.05 per metre
Windbreak Netting (T40E1) Green 50 metres£65.60 per roll
14 inch flat bottomed basket HB14FCASE £3.49
14 inch hanging basket liners£1.99
15 inch wall bracket for H.Basket for 18 inch basket£4.25
Black Pot 1 litres with label slot20p each
Black Pot 10 litres 75p each
Black Pot 2 litres 25p each
Black Pot 3 litres 37p each
Black Pot 5 litres 65p each
Black Pot 7.5 litres 85p each
H.Basket Chain (HBCA)£1.45
JL14 14" Jute Basket Liners£1.75
VHBTCASE Venetian Basket Brown£4.95
Watering Can green£6.85
Watering Can red£6.85
Fork Border£17.95
Fork Weed (Hand)£4.99
Knife Edge£15.99
Lopper Bypass£28.95
Pruner Byp Medium£10.45
Rake Lawn (Flexo)£16.45
Shear Edging£29.95
Shear Hedge£31.95
Spade Border£17.95
Spade Digging£17.95
Trowel Hand £4.99