We update this list regularly throughout the season. (Last update 19/10/20). Our Ornamental Trees are all supplied by Frank Matthews. More details of each tree variety can be found be searching their website Frank P Matthews (website link) If you cannot find the tree that you want on our list, then let us know and we will try and get it on our next order with them. Some of the trees shown below are on offer.  

Name Common NameFeaturesPot SizePrice
Betula alb KansuChinese Red Barked Birch12L £61.95
Betula jackmontiiHimalayan Birch12L £53.95
Betula pendulaSilver Birch12L £53.95
Corylus ContortaCorkscrew Hazel7L £41.95
Crataegus lae Crimson CloudRed Hawthorn 12L £53.95
Crataegus lae Pauls ScarletRed Hawthorn 12L £53.95
Hamamelis x int PallidaWitch Hazel 'Pallida'12L £69.95
Malus Pink GlowCrab ApplePatio11.5L £53.95
Salix caprea pendulaKilmarnock Willow12L £53.95
Sorbus Joseph RockYellow Berried Mountain Ash (Rowan)12L £53.95