Our Autumn Bulbs are all supplied by Taylors Bulbs. Current availability at the Garden Centre is shown below.  Date of last availability update is shown at the bottom of the table below.

AvailabilityProduct codeDescriptionPricePicture link
In stock XL18320 P/P X 8 NARCISSUS PAPERWHITE ZIVA 14­15£6.99Picture
In stockXL12720 P/P X 15 NARCISSUS PHEASANT'S EYE I£6.99Picture
In stock EV10320 P/P X 25 NARCISSUS TETE A TETE 8­10£4.99Picture
In stockTP20310 P/P X 8 NARCISSUS BABY MOON 8UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP22310 P/P X 7 NARCISSUS JETFIRE 10­12£2.99Picture
In stockTP24710 P/P X 8 NARCISSUS QUAIL 10­12£2.99Picture
In stockTP48810 P/P X 6 TULIP CALGARY 11­12£3.99Picture
In stockTP43210 P/P X 6 TULIP PRETTY WOMAN 11-12£3.99Picture
In stockTP49510 P/P X 8 TULIP QUEENSLAND 10­11£3.99Picture
In stockTP56110 P/P X 10 TULIP PEACOCK MIX 8UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP60010 P/P X 4 HYAC AIOLOS 16­17 PREP£3.99Picture
In stockXL65520 P/P X 25 CROCUS LARGE FLOWERING MIX 7­8£6.99Picture
In stockXL67820 P/P X 45 CROCUS SPECIES MIX 5UP£6.99Picture
In stockXL67320 P/P X 35 CROCUS PRINS CLAUS 5UP£6.99Picture
In stockTP66010 P/P X 12 CROCUS BLUE PEARL 5­7£2.99Picture
In stockTP69810 P/P X 6 ALLIUM ATROPURPUREUM 7­8£2.99Picture
In stockAV60010 P/P X 30 SNOWDROP COLLECTION£9.99Picture
In stockAV34120 P/P X 50 GALANTHUS NIVALIS 3­4 VALUE PACK£9.99Picture
In stockTP79810 P/P X 25 MUSCARI ARMENIACUM 7­8£2.99Picture
Date of last update 17/10/2021

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