Our Autumn Bulbs are all supplied by Taylors Bulbs. A fresh delivery has now arrived (23/09/21)! Current availability at the Garden Centre shown below.  Date of last update shown at the bottom of the table below.

AvailabilityProduct codeDescriptionPricePicture link
In stockXL23920 P/P X 35 NARCISSUS MINNOW 8­10£6.99Picture
In stock XL18320 P/P X 8 NARCISSUS PAPERWHITE ZIVA 14­15£6.99Picture
In stockXL12720 P/P X 15 NARCISSUS PHEASANT'S EYE I£6.99Picture
In stock EV10320 P/P X 25 NARCISSUS TETE A TETE 8­10£4.99Picture
In stockDC7610 X 2KG NARCISSUS LOTHERIO 12­14£5.99Picture
In stockTP20310 P/P X 8 NARCISSUS BABY MOON 8UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP20710 P/P X 10 NARCISSUS CANALICULATUS 10­12£2.99Picture
In stockTP21210 P/P X 7 NARCISSUS GOLDEN BELLS 7UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP22310 P/P X 7 NARCISSUS JETFIRE 10­12£2.99Picture
In stockTP24710 P/P X 8 NARCISSUS QUAIL 10­12£2.99Picture
In stockTP24910 P/P X 8 NARCISSUS SABROSA 8UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP25910 P/P X 8 NARCISSUS TETE A TETE 10­11£2.99Picture
In stockTP48810 P/P X 6 TULIP CALGARY 11­12£3.99Picture
In stockTP37010 P/P X 5 TULIP PRETTY PRINCESS 11­12£3.99Picture
In stockTP43210 P/P X 6 TULIP ANGELIQUE 11­12£3.99Picture
In stockTP47510 P/P X 9 TULIP PRETTY WOMAN 11­12£3.99Picture
In stockTP49510 P/P X 8 TULIP QUEENSLAND 10­11£3.99Picture
In stockTP53310 P/P X 7 TULIP JOHANN STRAUSS 10­11£2.99Picture
available soonTP56110 P/P X 10 TULIP PEACOCK MIX 8UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP58510 P/P X 6 TULIP CHINA TOWN 11­12£3.99Picture
In stockTP60010 P/P X 4 HYAC AIOLOS 16­17 PREP£3.99Picture
In stockTP60410 P/P X 4 HYAC DELFT BLUE 16­17 PREP£3.99Picture
available soonTP60610 P/P X 4 HYAC JAN BOS 16­17 PREP£3.99Picture
In stockXL65520 P/P X 25 CROCUS LARGE FLOWERING MIX 7­8£6.99Picture
In stockXL67820 P/P X 45 CROCUS SPECIES MIX 5UP£6.99Picture
In stockXL67320 P/P X 35 CROCUS PRINS CLAUS 5UP£6.99Picture
In stockTP65210 P/P X 12 CROCUS BLUE 7­8£3.99Picture
In stockTP65410 P/P X 12 CROCUS PURPLE 7­8£3.99Picture
In stockTP66010 P/P X 12 CROCUS BLUE PEARL 5­7£2.99Picture
In stockTP69810 P/P X 6 ALLIUM ATROPURPUREUM 7­8£2.99Picture
In stockTP008310 P/P X 6 ALLIUM GRACEFUL BEAUTY 6UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP73010 P/P X 20 CHIONODOXA FORBESII 4­5£2.99Picture
available soonAV60010 P/P X 30 SNOWDROP COLLECTION£9.99Picture
In stockAV34120 P/P X 50 GALANTHUS NIVALIS 3­4 VALUE PACK£9.99Picture
In stockTP77510 P/P X 7 ENGLISH GROWN BLUEBELLS 6­8£3.99Picture
In stockTP219310 P/P X 8 IPHEION UNIF CHARLOTTE BISHOP 4UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP77810 P/P X 10 IPHEION UNIF ROLF FIEDLER 4UP£2.99Picture
In stockTP79810 P/P X 25 MUSCARI ARMENIACUM 7­8£2.99Picture
Date of last update 25/09/2021

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